******* (doctorworm31) wrote,


and if anyone wants to drive to the magic stick in detroit with me on the 26th, i doubt you will and i doubt i will due to working... but GRAHM COXON is playing there.

also weezer on may 5th at the state theater, they are playing in chicago too, not so sure on the date.


AESOP ROCK, Thurs April 7th, St. Andrews. I'm there.


i had to add another to the list Moby, april 22. Now this is going to be a dance and go crazy fun time.

and on a nother note on the same sort of subject that i cant write about, i am going to go to see the butterflys. not that this makes any money to you but to one person i think it does. and we are going to eat grilled cheese with tomato soup and mix some spices and mushrooms into the soup. mmmm. i dont think i want to eat meat anymore....
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