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oh god...


Don’t get me wrong, I love to read it but I STRONGLY despise writing it. Trying to get every little, tinny, bit of information in a small stupid form that rhymes or captures the reader. Fuck that shit, I’d rather write a huge ass essay or short story. I wish to never have to write poetry again. I wish to never have to get my poetry revised again. Maybe I am a little bitter cause my Instructor gave negative feed back, usually I like negative feed back cause that helps me a lot an its not all ‘lala this is wonderful’ but with poetry, this shit isn’t working. I can handle all the negative feed back in my art classes because I can easly fix it but poety--hell no. I hate meatier, I hate stanzas, and I hate it all. I hate having to find the right word for the right stupid symbol. I hate it and with only 2 or 3 weeks left in this semester I am beginning to think I will get little fiction writing in—sadly. But what can you do he is a good poet with lots of insight so I should take this with a cold… piece of shit (again, I hate finding the right friggin words)

And damn the taxes, damn them to hell I think I did them but I can’t figure out if I did the right year or not. I might just as well go to income tax and have them do it for me screw the pay shit.

And damn the parking services here at WMU I got me a damn ticket to add to the frustration I talked to my mom and all she had to say to me was “are those bowling balls in the basement yours, and where did you steal them from?” this coming from that woman right now in this time of life where I have no money. Thanks mom, thanks for the support. I frickin ate rice cakes for dinner with kool-aid.

Bitch-fest number 3 when will the damn cold end? Huh… I hate Michigan sometimes, I just want to ware my short pants.

now look at this shit-fucks... sory im a little bitter, i hate taxes.
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