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so last night i had the strangest dream. someone help me out on this one. if you know anything about dreams tell me what you think. and yes i do know that dreams are just thought endings and bla bla so let me set up my night before the dream.

I was in muskegon got up saw the parents then went to lizes we ate cake with her family then to grand rapids to puck up her bro and ate some pizza then we went to the bob for her 21st. I had maybe one drink of rootbeer and rum before i went but thats all. dance a little when a tecno-hip-hop song came on. after the 21 yearold were good and sloshed i drove back to muskegon at which point i drove to kalamazoo not getting home till 3ish. On the drive i hit alot of dence fog, it was really neet to see the different layers, but scarry. I then go to bed to get up at 7.30 to start some homework. now for the dream. I think i was in a lucid state (rem but the body has more control over what is going on in the dream)

We were at the bob and i was in the chair that i was sitting in most of the time. i was watching everyone dance being bored becaue i cant drink. everything was like the night before. two people that i could recognize in the dream were liz and jeff. Now liz had on a blue shirt and a reddish headband. we were all just sitting around listening to music when all the sudden something grabbed my back-- the center, i could pin point the spot-- and i started to be pulled back. I was pulled so fast i couldnt grab the table or any person. I was being pulled by a force so fast it was like in space oddicy 2000 where the man is going light-speed and everything around him is a blur. Right then i got so scared i awoke from the sleep screaming. not a ahhh but as high as my voice would go, it was a strange pitch. it took a while to calm myself down. The only colors that i could remember were the two colors liz had on.

now im not so sure why i awoke screaming. this has never happened to me before. i only knew about this from the movies. i didnt think it actually happened. this past week has been very stressful for me. i am not so sure if it because of the death, the shitty job, and the being behind in school. but man was i scared. so let me know kids. maybe this was a flash back from when i did that thing a few weeks ago- i am told people get flash backs from that.
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